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Sample Report

At the conclusion of every inspection, we create a report outlining our findings for the inspected property. You are free to use this report to help in the decision making process for a specific piece of property. 

We provide 2 reports for each inspection, a full inspection report and a summary inspection report. The full report outlines all things we test and inspect, along with supporting images of specific thing throughout the property. The summary report only highlights the major issues found and is an overview of the full report.

Homeowners often use these reports a negotiation tool for the purchase of the property. If you're asking the homeowner to repair or replace issues found in our inspections, it is recommended that you have the Building Inspectors of Georgia do a follow-up inspection of the repairs to insure they were done correctly and within current code requirements.

Below are examples of our summary and full reports to help you understand the difference in each report.


Summary Report


Full Report

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