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About The Building Inspectors of Georgia


Your property is a BIG investment. That’s why buying or selling it requires informed decisions. For buying or selling your property, think B-I-G!

Comprehensive Reporting
Building Inspectors of Georgia (B-I-G) developed a “common sense” approach to determine the condition of a property at the time of inspection, while anticipating needs for future repairs. At the same time, thorough code knowledge makes inspections accurate and informative for making good buying and selling decisions. B-I-G ensures aspects like the electrical and plumbing systems and gas appliances are thoroughly inspected and compliant with state laws and regulations to provide peace of mind and BIG savings.

Combined together, Building Inspectors of Georgia developed a Comprehensive Reporting style that would cover the smallest detail necessary for making informed decisions that would help buyers, sellers, and real estate agents. This Comprehensive Report contains over 300 property items when required.

Deep Understanding of Property Inspection
Building Inspectors of Georgia has inspected more than 8,000 properties since its inception in 1992, helping thousands of buyers and sellers save BIG from repair costs and bad purchases. Mike Sylvester acquired the company in August of 2003 and has since continued to provide competent building inspection service as well as developing more strategies to improve findings every single time.

B-I-G understands that property inspection is crucial for helping you decide, and that properties are big investments, regardless if it’s a residential unit or a commercial property. That’s why B-I-G continuously evolves to bring you the highest quality property inspection!

B-I-G offers competitive guarantees to ensure satisfaction through the following:

  • Meeting or exceeding ASHI & GAHI standards

  • Full insurance package for you and your clients protection

  • Provides Lockbox key to save time and effort for everyone

  • Send a detailed Inspection Reports with pictures and comments via E-mail

  • Online Payments to make each transaction easier


Call us any time, 7 days a week, to get the answers you need! You can contact us at 770-594-7629 or 770-330-0799

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