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Buyers – What to Expect

A house is probably the single largest investment you will ever make in your lifetime, and making sure you put your money into the right investment is a must. Building Inspectors of Georgia is here to help you make informed decisions, and help you choose the best possible property, considering all the physical and structural components of your candidates.

Building Inspectors of Georgia not only inspects the home for its current condition, we also provide predictive advice on possible repairs needed in the near future, based on the results. Helping you achieve your peace of mind.

How can B-I-G help in the purchase of my new home?
Having several candidates to choose from can make it hard for you to make your decisions, and the lack of knowledge can also lead to poor buying decisions which will cost you your hard earned money. That’s why B-I-G is here to help you make informed decisions on your new home in several ways such as:

  • Informing you about the current condition of the property, exposing damages, dangerous conditions, repair needs, and estimated expenses necessary to improve its condition.

  • Giving you advice on how you can maintain the current condition of the good parts of the property.

  • Helping you save BIG in terms of unexpected repairs and accidents caused by poor property condition.


See a Sample

Building Inspectors of Georgia makes it possible for you to make informed
decisions without risking your money with properties in poor condition.
Knowledge is the key and B-I-G is here to help you save and win B-I-G!

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